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 What to expect from this site.

This site is about understanding braaiís and fireplaces and learning how they work.

I concentrated on technical information and less on the layout and visually entertaining stuff.( I am old schooled, no whattsapp and facebook)

New and old generation can learn from this information. After reading through this, you should be able to make an informed decision on buying a new fireplace. You will have better understanding of how wood fires are converted into Kw.(kilowatt or heat)

You should be able to identify why your chimney is not working and do a calculation on what chimney size you need. If the chimney size and length is fine, you should be able to check for other problems.

This site is all about giving you more knowledge. If itís your first visit and you leave this site without learning something, then please inform me, I will gladly help you or add the missing information.